Marcin Bierut

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

IT and Financial specialist, Entrepreneur for 15+ years, realization of 30+ innovative projects, member of several supervisory boards

Marcin is the Co-founder and CTO of Braight. Originally from Katowice, he is a strictly analytical type of person. In other words, Marcin is just naturally good with numbers.

He studied at the Silesian University of Technology and completed his master’s degree in Computer Science in 2001. Being an exceptional student, he developed closed ties with the University, which allowed him to collaborate on various projects. The most notable project was Marcin’s first company 3SOFT, as this is where he experienced the steepest learning curve. Marcin started 3SOFT, a software house now specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Data Management and Business Automation, before he even graduated which means that he had to combine both working and studying on a daily basis. His determination, feel for the industry and above all exceptional skills enabled him to find a way to convince a jury of a startup program and secure several rounds of financing – something extremely uncommon in this region for such a young applicant. Thanks to those funds the business grew substantially, the number of employees increased 6-fold, and the customer base 10-fold. Normally, this level of growth is unachievable, but Marcin’s perseverance and witty method made it happen. The hard work put into the company gave the foundation to get ahead of the competition and increase its value.

All of that allowed him to successfully exit and sell the software house business. This company and all of Marcin’s other ventures such as Game Code Lab, Spectral Games, Incuvo, Icon24, and Iconity ultimately lead him to become an AI specialist to a level that nobody really had in Poland. Later on, Marcin also completed his MBA at WSB University which left him with comprehensive technical and well business knowledge. Marcin met Maciej in 2019, the year in which Maciej also introduced Marcin to his revolutionary idea – an alternative and enriched credit scoring system. Marcin, having already 15 years of experience in software development as well as a close academic relationship with the Silesian University of Technology, was the ideal leader on the technological side. And so, the journey of Braight becoming a renowned company recognized for its technology has begun.