Introducing an AI Customer Segmentation solution to drive sales and customer satisfaction

The client is an online marketplace that dominates the market. It matches borrowers with people in need of various goods. This classifieds online marketplace offers many product listing categories and has over 100 000 active users. 

Braight’s AI Customer Segmentation solution helped the client to better understand their customers and provide them with more personalized product recommendations according to their different identified customer segments. 

The integration of Braight’s technology directly increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, and increased customer retention.

Online marketplace for borrowers and lenders of all types of goods







The Challenge

Undershooting target sales numbers.

Falling customer engagement and activity rates.

Insufficient reoccurring customers due to time-consuming searches caused by non-existent recommendations engine.

Ineffective use of collected data and lack of machine learning tools to analyze it.

The unused potential of data integration, including alternative data, causes a low level of customer understanding.

The solution

Multilevel personalization and advanced customer data analysis.

Segmentation of user’s personality traits, characteristics, and interests into clusters with 99% accuracy.

Improved recommendation engine offering the most relevant products based on customer’s interests, past purchasing history, and seasonal changes.

Shortened search time and customer satisfaction by providing the most relevant search results.



Increase in sales


Improved customer satisfaction


Higher customer retention rate


Better conversion rates

Brand loyalty

Cost-effectiveness and automation

“Braight impressed us with their high level of expertise and professional behavior. The solution was fully personalized towards our company’s goal and works great!”

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