AI Customer Segmentation solution to reach new like-minded customers

The client is a performance marketing agency headquartered in Gliwice. With exceptional experience in online marketing, the client currently works with major Polish companies.

Braight’s AI Customer Segmentation solution helped them to better understand its customers and use the behavioral knowledge provided to target new customers more efficiently. 

The integration of Braight’s technology allowed the client to decrease customer acquisition costs, improve the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns, and maximize returns on investment.

Performance marketing agency.


Digital Marketing





The Challenge

Difficulty in reaching new customers.

Falling customer engagement and activity rates.

Costly and ineffective marketing campaigns.

Ineffective use of collected data and lack of machine learning tools to analyze it.

The unused potential of data integration, including alternative data.

The solution

Multilevel personalization and advanced customer data analysis.

Advanced internal and external customer data analysis.

Segmentation of user’s personality traits, characteristics, and interests into clusters with 99% accuracy.

Direct targeting of similar customer segments through accurate customer profiles.

Improved recommendation engine offering the most relevant products based on customer’s interests, past purchasing history, and seasonal changes.



Lower customer acquisition cost


Boosted customer engagement


Decrease in customer churn


Deeper customer insights and effective marketing campaigns

Reactivating existing customers through personalized offers

Improved customer satisfaction and brand loyalty

“Braight’s technology helped us to make our mission of creating a big community of people willing to help each other out possible. Without Braight, we would not be able to attract so many users to our platform – the technology is a real game-changer.”

Chief Executive Officer