Enriching the credit scoring system with behavioral data and advanced analytics

Operating in Poland and Ukraine, the client has over 100 000 registered users.

Braight’s scoring product enriched the platform’s scoring system and facilitated a more accurate definition of a customer’s creditworthiness.

The integration of Braight’s Behavioral Scoring solution has led to a significant reduction in risk, decreased default rates, and increased profits.

Online lending platform






Poland, Ukraine

The Challenge

Largest customer segment below the age of 30.

Non-existent traditional credit scoring data like fixed income and credit history for most customers.

Ineffective use of collected data and lack of machine learning tools to analyze it.

The unused potential of data integration, including alternative data.

The solution

High-quality behavioral online customer data enrichment in real-time.

Segmentation of user’s personality traits, characteristics, and interests into clusters with 99% accuracy.

Advanced analysis and modeling of financial behavior using machine learning and AI.

Ability to predict creditworthiness based on different types of data.



Maintenance of acceptance rate


Decrease in default rate


Increase in profits


Reduced risk and default

More accurate assessments of credit worthiness

Cost-effectiveness and automation

“We were looking for credit scoring tool to decrease the default rate of the individuals with short credit history. Our team considered different options, but Braight helped us on all fronts recommending us the most efficient credit assessment structure. The Braight team delivered the scoring model in 2 months and we were able to test it before integrating the score into our credit policy. We noticed the first results after only a month of operations!”

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